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One proud soon to be dad!

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. We were so honored to play a role in the big reveal to you.

The Palma Pizza Marque

What would a restaurant named “Palma” be without a cool sculpture of a palm tree.


Palma Pizza

Making a pizza look like the American flag is a difficult process but one which we are more than happy to take on each and every day!

The best NY Style Pizza in Palm Beach Gardens. Thin crust with a nice crunch to it!
Sicilian Style Pizza. This is our Meatball Special Pizza. It still needs a few more minutes in the stone oven.
We were so honored to play a part in telling the husband!
Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza
Our newest creation. We call it a cannoli calzone. It is pizza dough that is stuffed with cannoli cream, then deep-fried to perfection. Topped with powdered sugar and Hershey’s chocolate sauce. A wonderful way to end your meal.
A great tasting stromboli fresh from the oven. Many of our Palm Beach Gardens patrons ask, “what is the difference between a stromboli and a calzone?” A calzone is shaped more like a half-moon and is filled with both ricotta and mozzarella. Whereas, a stromboli does not have any ricotta in it. All of our calzones and strombolis are made to order. This allows our customers to choose which types of fillings they would enjoy. I am partial to pepperoni and hot cherry peppers.
While these deep-dish Chicago style pizzas do take up about 45 minutes to make and cook, they are well worth it. This one is stuffed with cheese, pepperoni, onions and sausage.
One of our thick-crust Sicilian pizzas that has been topped with Philly Cheesesteak meat, bell peppers, and onions. One of our personal favorites. If you have never tried one of our Sicilian-style pizzas, you are missing out. It takes us about 24 hours to get the proper rise on the crust prior to baking it perfection in our wood-stone pizza oven.
A favorite pizza in Palm Beach Gardens. NY-Style thin crust. Topped with Philly meat, hot cherry peppers, banana peppers, onions, and fresh bell peppers.
This is our caprese sub. Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil on a homemade roll, then topped with balsamic glaze. It is amazing!
Combine baked ziti with a NY-style thin crust pizza and you have an amazing pie. While this isn’t on our menu, our pizza cooks are always willing to make this treat for you.
Having a party or are you super hungry? Let us cater your needs. This chaffing dish was used during our first annual fundraiser for the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund. It was a great event and we look forward to hosting it again this year.
We make our bread from scratch each morning to ensure the freshest. Try our meatball Parmesan sub or garlic cheese bread.
Is your company having a party? Let us cater it. We have all of the supplies that you need.
Who couldn’t resist sharing a few bites of their pizza with this loyal customer?
This is a white pizza with eggplant and fresh basil. Other popular toppings on a white pizza are, tomatoes, mushrooms, and chicken. Still needs a few more minutes in our pizza oven.
Sadie and her parents come in several times a week to get their fix of a true New York style pizza. Isn’t she the just the cutest!!!
A beautiful February day in South Florida. Having a pool pizza party? Give us a call. We will make it, bring it, and set it up for you. All you have to do is enjoy our catering services.
Waste Management did a 75 pizza pie catering for their staff. It was a lot of fun watching everyone dig in and enjoy our pizzas. 
If you haven’t ever tried a zeppoli, make sure to save a little room. It is pizza dough that is gently fried then topped with powdered sugar. Luigi swears that they are low calorie, sugar free, carb free, gluten free, and totally healthy.